Kurdistan Regional Government
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President Masoud Barzani
The Kurdistan Parliament established the Kurdistan Region Presidency (KRP) as an institution in 2005.
The President of the Kurdistan Region has the highest executive authority, and is elected by secret ballot in a popular vote every four years.
Mr Masoud Barzani, the current president, was elected as the Kurdistan Region’s first president on 31 January 2005 by the Kurdistan Parliament, and re-elected by the people of the Kurdistan Region in July 2009, with 70% of the vote.
The Deputy President is Mr Kosrat Rasul Ali. The President’s secretariat, the Diwan, is headed by Chief of Staff Dr. Fuad Hussein. The term of the current presidency was extended in 2013 by parliamentary decree.
The President represents the people of Kurdistan at national and international levels and oversees relations and coordination between the Region and the Iraqi federal authorities. He also represents the people of Kurdistan at Iraq’s Political Council for National Security, and in negotiations and consultations with the government of Iraq.
The President is responsible for approving the KRG Prime Minister’s special appointments and promotions, and for ratifying all laws passed by the Kurdistan Parliament. He has the power to return any law passed by the Parliament, once only, for further debate and amendment.