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Housing & Infrastructure

In the last ten years the KRG has witnessed unprecedented improvement in housing and infrastructure. Planning, funding, and the hard work of citizens have helped to build new road networks, a system of clean water management and distribution, enormous improvement in the electricity grid, better and more modern information and communication systems, and of course the construction and reconstruction of housing units and buildings throughout the Region.
Housing and infrastructure provide the backbone for any healthy economy, and the KRG is committed to ensuring strong and continually modernized systems to guarantee better standards of living for its citizens and commercial success for its businesses.
Please find below some of the government’s recent activities concerning housing and infrastructure, as well as links to the relevant ministries.


Prime Minister Barzani attends ground-breaking ceremony of the 150-meter ring road in Erbil

FRI, 28 SEP 2018 18:12

As part of our long-term mission, we as the Kurdistan Regional Government will continue to act on our original main responsibility, which is to provide public services. To further develop our country, we continue to implement development projects that we planned.

Prime Minister Barzani opens Zakho Tunnel

THU, 27 SEP 2018 11:25

Prime Minister Barzani said, “Opening of this tunnel on this important international highway that links the Kurdistan Region and Iraq with Turkey is providing a major strategic service. The tunnel is a major development for local citizens and trade between Turkey, the Kurdistan Region, and Iraq.”

Prime Minister Barzani attends ground breaking ceremony of the Rovia-Gopal highway

THU, 27 SEP 2018 09:54

Prime Minister Barzani stressed that the KRG plans the development of similar projects in this area which will contribute to “the development of agriculture and tourism, creating job opportunities, and improving the overall economic situation of the area.”