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FRI, 25 SEP 2020 16:30 Erbil, GMT +3

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Women's Rights

Legal Documents

Government Structures and Institutions

  • Women's Rights Monitoring Board
    • Contact: wrmb@krg.org
  • High Council of Women's Affairs

Ministry of Interior

  • General Directorate to Combat Violence Against Women
    • Contact: b.tundetezhy_zhnan@yahoo.com / 066-264-8547
  • Directorate to Combat Violence Against Women - Erbil
  • Directorate to Combat Violence Against Women - Slemani
  • Directorate to Combat Violence Against Women - Duhok

Other Ministries

  • KRG Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs - responsible for women's shelters
  • KRG Ministry of Endowment and Religious Affairs - responsible to mobilise religious efforts to combat gender-based violence

Hotlines for Emergency Assistance

  • Erbil: 066-256-7272 / 0750-759-8172 (Directorate to Combat Violence Against Women)
  • Erbil: 0750-464-9393 / 0750-382-5353 (Kurdistan Women's Union)
  • Slemani: 199 Asiacell only (Directorate to Combat Violence Against Women)
  • Duhok: 062-165 (Directorate to Combat Violence Against Women)

Non-Governmental Organizations (Kurdish) - A list of NGOs specializing in the field of women's rights and empowerment





Prime Minister Barzani receives UN delegation

FRI, 14 SEP 2018 10:20

Prime Minister Barzani highly valued the cooperation between KRG institutions and the UN organisation. He deemed it important that it promotes gender equality, women's rights and coexistence in educational, media, and cultural programmes.

Prime Minister Barzani’s speech on the National Campaign to Combat Violence Against Women

MON, 27 NOV 2017 22:00

With the support of all the women of Kurdistan we will not allow your rights to regress and will not allow you to become main victims of wars and conflicts. We promise that the progress you achieved in the past 25 years will be protected and the KRG will continue to support you closely.

UN to open another support and treatment centre for women in Kurdistan Region

THU, 2 MAR 2017 14:02

Prime Minister Barzani stressed that the KRG will continue in its efforts to combat violence against women, and is committed to offer all kinds of assistance in this regard.