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Syrian Refugees in Duhok Governorate

Approximately 104,000 registered refugees are based in Duhok Governorate. There are four regular camps in the Governorate under the direct supervision of the Governorate’s Development and Modification Center (DMC):

  • Domiz Camp
  • Gawilan Camp
  • Akre Military Base Camp
  • Bajid Kandala Camp (under construction)

In addition, there are hundreds of families residing in Faidiya Semel, Zakho and other towns in the Dohuk Governorate.
The Duhok governorate shares a border with Syria. The people of Duhok have made every effort to be hospitable and have welcomed the refugees. Refugees and UN officials have praised the response of KRG officials and citizens of Kurdistan, especially in Duhok, regarding treatment inside and outside the camps, ease of work for service providers, the administrators of the camp, and local and international organizations. Most of the displaced are from the Kurdish parts of Syria, they speak the kurmanji Kurdish dialect, and have closer social and economic ties to Duhok than to other governorates in Kurdistan.

A) Security

The DMC Protection Office, in cooperation with the KRG Asayish (security), police units, civil defense, and residency directorate, continuously coordinates efforts to ensure a safe and peaceful atmosphere for the residents in refugee camps and the surrounding areas in the Duhok Governorate.

B) Health

MSF mobile medical teams, in cooperation with Duhok’s Directorate of Health (DOH), continue to provide tremendous additional support across the border. They also provide emergency health services and logistical support, including an ambulance and transportation for refugees unable to cross the border on foot in coordination with MSF teams on the other side of the border. A fixed immunization post is established at border crossing points to vaccinate all refugees crossing the border into Kurdistan.
DOH mobile teams are working with refugees in the camps to provide 24-hour emergency medical services, including ambulances on standby for the referral of urgent cases to nearby hospitals.

With the support of UPP, DOH’s mental health branch provides required services, as psychological assessments and management of referred mental health cases include different diagnoses, such as anxiety disorders and others.

C) Humanitarian Relief

The KRG has allocated, through limited resources, funds and resources for providing land, basic services and infrastructure facilities. The KRG recognizes the need to collaborate efficiently with all stakeholders and partners to fulfill the gaps identified last year. The KRG is hopeful that the international community will respond to its continued calls for more attention, aid, and assistance to the refugee crisis in Kurdistan. Humanitarian relief to the refugees has been provided by many stakeholders, including UNHCR, UNICEF, WFP, IOM, and MSF. Other humanitarian organizations providing aid include:

  • EU (The European Union)
  • The Barzani Charity Foundation
  • The Japan Platform
  • UPP
  • PAO (People’s Aid Organization)
  • I.E.H.
  • Ronahi Organization
  • Capani Organization
  • Kurdistan Union of Sweden (Komalay Kurdi)
  • Mosque of Mosul
  • Islamic League
  • Islamic Session
  • Iraqi Red Cross
  • Humanitarian Development Organization of Denmark
  • Social Solidarity Charity of Iraq
  • Alqosh’s lady monastery
  • Caretas Organization in Germany
  • Halabja Organization
  • Scientific Session of Islamic Youth
  • Dohuk’s youth activists group
  • CAF Organization
  • Social and Cultural Ismail Amo Foundation
  • Iraqi Ministry of Migration and Displacement

Some of the Companies / Organizations actively providing aid:

  • Rabbin Concrete Company
  • Dabin Group Company
  • Delta / Erbil Company
  • Jenis Maicon Company
  • Mass Company
  • Deyar Company
  • Korek Company
  • Kar Croup Company
  • Montry Company
  • Mycall / Dohuk Airline
  • DNO Oil Company
  • Neshan showroom / Dohuk
  • Kurdistan TV
  • German School in Erbil
  • University of Dohuk / College of Literature
  • KDP sub-branch 17 / Shengal    


Prime Minister Barzani receives IICO delegation

MON, 15 APR 2019 10:40

Prime Minister Barzani stressed that the Kurdistan Region needs from the international community and the Iraqi government to meet the requirements of the displaced people, especially in the fields of education and health, including psychological treatment.

Kurdistan Region still hosts about 1.5 Million IDPs and refugees

THU, 14 FEB 2019 10:52

In 2018, only 32,000 of approximately 1.5 million remaining internally displaced persons, IDPs, and Syrian refugees in Kurdistan Region have either returned to their homes or migrated abroad.

Prime Minister Barzani receives Poland’s Minister for Humanitarian Aid

WED, 12 DEC 2018 14:21

Prime Minister Barzani expressed hope that the delegation will have a clear picture about the situation of the displaced, stressing that the Kurdistan Region, as in the past, will continue to promote the principles of religious coexistence. He also praised the role of the international community in persuading the displaced not to leave the country.