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More than 168, 000 people displaced from Kirkuk and other areas

WED, 25 OCT 2017 20:10 | KRG Cabinet

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq (cabinet.gov.krd) – The attacks by Iraqi forces, particularly the Popular Mobilization Units, PMU, on Kirkuk, Tuz Khurmatu, Khanaqeen, Zumar, Rabi’a and other areas of Kurdistan on 16 October 2017, led to a humanitarian crisis, where tens of thousands of inhabitants of those areas fled for their lives and sought refuge in Erbil, Suleimaniya and Dohuk Governorates.

In a statement, Hoshang Muhammad, Director General of the Joint Crisis Coordination Centre (JCC) at the KRG’s Ministry of Interior, said that 168,372 civilians have so far been displaced.

Of this number, 84,000 people fled to Erbil, 78,372 to Suleimaniya and 6000 people from Zumar and Rabi’a fled to Dohuk.
Mr. Muhammad said most of these displaced people have been hosted or helped by their relatives in the Kurdistan Region cities and towns. Others took refuge at IDP camps, public spaces and unfinished buildings, and suffer from dire circumstances.

These newly arrived IDPs urgently need food, blankets, clothes, fuel, medicine, medical care and places to live.

The JCC, in cooperation and coordination with its local and international partners, continues to help these IDPs as much as possible.

Mr. Muhammad said that due to the continued Iraqi military and PMU attacks around Kurdistan, it’s expected that more people, possibly tens of thousands, will be forced to leave their areas and seek refuge in the KRG controlled areas.