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KHERC: Yes wins by 92.73 percent at Kurdistan independence referendum

THU, 28 SEP 2017 15:00 | KRG Cabinet

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq (cabinet.gov.krd) – The Kurdistan Independent High Elections and Referendum Commission, yesterday announced the results of the Kurdistan independence referendum.

In a press conference, Hndren Muhammad, the head of the Commission, announced an overwhelming victory of Yes in the referendum and provided the following preliminary figures:

Eligible voters: 4,581,255.

Turnout: 3,305,925 voted in the referendum, which makes a turnout of 72.16 percent.

Yes votes: 2,861,471 people voted Yes, which represent 92.73 percent of the voters.

No votes: 224,468 people voted No, which represent 7.27 percent of the voters.

Votes cancelled: 170,611.
Invalid votes: 40,011.
Scratch votes: 9,368.

The citizens of Kurdistan Region and Kurdistan areas outside the Kurdistan Regional Government’s authority voted in the independence referendum on Monday, 25 September. Kurdistanis living abroad voted three days earlier.

Following the approval by the Court of Cassation, the above figures will become final results.