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Prime Minister Barzani receives Austrian Parliamentary Delegation

THU, 19 NOV 2015 22:29 | KRG Cabinet

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq (cabinet.gov.krd) - Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani received an Austrian parliamentary delegation, led by Mr. Andreas Schneider, the leader of Austrian Social Democrats, SPÖ, representing all the political parties in the Austrian Parliament. 

The delegation congratulated the people and government of the Kurdistan Region on the achievements of Peshmerga forces against the Islamic State terrorist organisation, ISIS, notably the liberation of the town of Sinjar.

The delegation mentioned the humanitarian situation of the internally displaced persons, IDPs, and refugees, expressing appreciation to the people and the government for accommodating and delivering services to such an extraordinary number.

The Austrian Parliamentary Delegation expressed their hope that the international community would provide additional assistance in order to ease the burden on the Kurdistan Regional Government.

Prime Minister Barzani briefed the delegation on the situation along the frontline against ISIS, saying the balance is now in favor of the Peshmerga forces.

He expressed his hope the European countries will help Sinjar to be reconstructed.

Prime Minister Barzani noted the extraordinary number of people who fled ISIS from other parts of Iraq and have sought refuge in the Kurdistan Region. He said the KRG has accommodated the IDPs in the best possible way within the limits of severe financial constraints which the KRG faces. He expressed his hope the international community would provide much additional support. 

Prime Minister Barzani also noted the high levels of coexistence and tolerance in the Region, describing it as a pleasing and successful picture. He said the KRG values its diversity and aims to nourish and protect it.

Relations between the Kurdistan Region and Austria, and between Erbil and Baghdad, as well as the situation within the Region were also discussed in the meeting.