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KRG Council of Ministers approves a bill to attract funds through borrowing

MON, 20 OCT 2014 21:23 | KRG Cabinet

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq (krg.org) - In a statement to the official website of the Kurdistan Regional Government, the KRG Spokesperson Safeen Dizayee said, “The KRG Council of Ministers approved a bill, yesterday Sunday 19 October, that will allow the government to attracts funds through borrowing.” He added that if the draft of this law is approved by the Kurdistan Parliament, then it will allow the KRG Council of Ministers to attract funds for the benefit and on behalf of the Kurdistan Region either through borrowing or loan guarantees of any similar operation. Dizayee added that the bill aims to strengthen the financial position of the Kurdistan Region in a way which provides maximum benefits to the people of Kurdistan.