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Swedish Foreign Minister and EU Humanitarian Commissioner express solidarity with Kurdistan

TUE, 19 AUG 2014 21:41 | KRG Cabinet

Prime Minister Barzani and Swedish Foreign Minister Bildt

Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq (KRG.org) – Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani yesterday welcomed Sweden’s Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, the European Union’s Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid Kristalina Georgieva, and a number of European Union officials to Kurdistan to review the current crisis.

Foreign Minister Bildt expressed the full solidarity of Sweden and the European Union with the Kurdistan Region in its fight against the terrorists. He said that he wished to be fully aware of the situation on the ground and to make it clear to everyone that Sweden and the European Union stand with the Kurdistan Region during this difficult time.

Prime Minister Barzani thanked the Foreign Minister for his visit, explaining that it sends a positive message to the people of Kurdistan and demonstrates that Kurds are not alone. He provided the delegation with a security update regarding the advances of the Peshmerga forces and said that the KRG is resolved to fight and defeat the terrorists. He stated that the Kurdistan Region’s forces need modern weapons, ammunition, and equipment in their fight against the terrorist group.

The Prime Minister spoke in detail about the dire humanitarian situation facing the internally displaced people and the refugees who have fled to the Kurdistan Region. The KRG seeks international assistance to support the displaced. He noted the KRG policy to fully support and protect all ethnic and religious minorities in the area to the greatest extent possible.

Commissioner Georgieva conveyed the European Union’s commendation for the efforts of the Kurdistan Region to respond to the needs of the internally displaced people and refugees despite the KRG not receiving its share of the federal budget from Baghdad. The support provided by the KRG thus far has proved that the Kurdistan Region deserves international support.

Finally, all parties expressed hope for a rejuvenated Iraqi political process, the formation of a new cabinet, and the beginning of a new political phase in Iraq. All agreed upon the need for an inclusive government that would represent all Iraqis and prompt genuine reform in the country’s political system.