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Declaration of the joint meeting of representatives of Kurdistan in the Iraqi federal government and representatives of all Kurdish parties in Kurdistan's parliament

SUN, 23 FEB 2014 16:16 | KRG Cabinet

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq - (KRG.org) – Representatives of Kurdistan in the Iraqi Parliament and the Iraqi Federal Government, and representatives of political factions of the Kurdistan Region Parliament and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) held a comprehensive meeting at the KRG Council of Ministers to agree upon a common stance in response to the economic sanctions leveraged by the Iraqi Federal Government against the people and the government of the Kurdistan Region.
Several viewpoints were exchanged regarding recent developments throughout the course of the meeting. A four-point declaration was unanimously adopted outlining the Kurdistan Region’s position:
  1. Iraqi Kurdistan is part of Iraq according to the Constitution and is therefore entitled to all rights and authorities granted to it as stipulated by the Constitution. This includes its share of the budget derived from the national income. The central government cannot cut salaries under any pretext to use as leverage against the KRG.
  2. Although the KRG has other options at its disposal to provide salaries and meet other needs of its people, negotiations should continue between the Iraqi Federal Government and the KRG based on the fulfillment of the Kurdistan Region’s constitutional rights.
  3. We call upon the Iraqi Prime Minister to rescind this illegal and unconstitutional policy. The Kurdistan Region’s share of the budget and salaries is a constitutional right and should be disbursed. Pending issues with the KRG should be resolved through dialogue and negotiation.
  4. We call upon respected religious authorities, the United Nations, governments of countries with relations with Iraq, member states of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, and member states of the Arab League to take responsibility by using their influence to end the policy of economic sanctions levied against the people and the government of the Kurdistan Region. This policy is unjustified in its entirety, blatantly violates constitutional law, and stands against international accords and the basic principles of human rights.