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Statement by Kurdistan Region Security Agency, Asayish, regarding terrorist attack in Erbil

MON, 30 SEP 2013 09:24 | KRG Cabinet

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq - (KRG.org) - Yesterday at 1.24pm local time, the Directorate of Security in Erbil was the target of two consecutive terrorist attacks in which six security officers were killed and a further 62 were injured, including 42 security and police officers.

This was the first attack in Erbil in six years.

We express our condolences to the families of those who were killed protecting the Kurdistan Region against terrorism, and our thoughts are with the injured.

These attacks will only strengthen our unwavering, united battle against terrorism.

The attacks come at a time when Kurdistan has achieved another democratic milestone by holding its fourth free and fair parliamentary elections, the results of which were announced one day before the terrorist attacks. The attacks demonstrate that there are those who stand against our democratic journey.

The Kurdistan Region Security Agency, Asayish, has foiled other attempts since the last attack in 2007 which took place outside the Ministry of Interior, killing one bystander.

In the first attack yesterday, a suicide bomber attempted to drive into the Directorate of Security in Erbil. He was stopped by security officials who fired shots. The vehicle exploded. Four assailants, armed with rifles and grenades, attempted to enter the building. The four attackers were killed by the security forces.

Minutes later, the second attack took place. What appeared to be an ambulance approached the building and exploded outside as it was stopped by security. In both attacks, the six assailants were killed during the explosions and a firefight that followed with security officers.

The Kurdistan Region is peaceful and stable, but it sits in a troublesome region and attempts to destablise it are likely to continue. We therefore call on our citizens to continue to help and support our efforts to keep Kurdistan secure. We call on our citizens to stay vigilant and to inform the nearest Security Office of anything suspicious.

Terrorist will always seek new ways and means to achieve their objectives, but we assure the people of Kurdistan that, with your assistance, we will use all available resources to eliminate any attempt to destablise our Region.