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KRG publishes approved Kurdistan Region Oil and Gas Law in Arabic and English, updated model contract

THU, 6 SEP 2007 15:57 | KRG Cabinet

The Spokesman
Kurdistan Regional Government

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is pleased to publish the Kurdistan Region Oil and Gas Law in Arabic and English, which has now been approved by the Kurdistan National Assembly (parliament). The parliament approved the Law on 6 August, and the Law entered into force upon the assent of President Masoud Barzani on 9 August.

The first draft of this Law was published in August 2006, and has benefited from extensive comments from petroleum companies, NGOs, and citizens of the Kurdistan Region and other parts of Iraq. It was approved by the Kurdistan Region Council of Ministers in July.

The KRG is also pleased to publish an updated Kurdistan Region Model Production Sharing Contract (PSC), amended to take the new Law into account.

The Arabic version of the Law is the official version. The Law will also be published in the Kurdish language in the near future.

Please submit any further comments to: spokesman(at)krg.org

Send any investment related enquiries to mnr(at)krgoil.com

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Statement by PM Barzani: Kurdistan Region Oil and Gas Law

MON, 6 AUG 2007 17:42

Today’s action by the Kurdistan National Assembly in passing the Kurdistan Region Oil Law is a historic moment that will be remembered for years to come. I thank the Members of the Assembly, the Ministry of Justice, and in particular the Minister of Natural Resources, Dr. Ashti Hawrami for their hard work and dedication.

Kurdistan Oil and Gas Law approved by Kurdistan Parliament

MON, 6 AUG 2007 17:36

Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani hailed the Kurdistan National Assembly’s passage of the Kurdistan Oil and Gas Law as a “historic moment” that, “together with the Iraq Constitution, will be the foundation of our economic development,” and will allow the Kurdistan Regional Government to “chose the best, most experienced, the most committed investors” for the Region.

Ashti Hawrami: Kurdistan Region Oil and Gas Law

MON, 6 AUG 2007 17:30

Today is a proud day for the people of the Kurdistan Region. This is a historic moment. In years to come, we will look back and see the passage of this law as a turning point in the fortunes of our Region.

Kurdistan petroleum law gets first reading in Kurdistan’s parliament

MON, 9 JUL 2007 12:32

Erbil, Kurdistan-Iraq (KRG.org) - Today Mr Adnan Mufti, the Speaker of the Kurdistan National Assembly (parliament), announced the first reading of the draft Kurdistan Region Petroleum Law. The law was transmitted from the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) Council of Ministers to the Kurdistan National Assembly early last week.

"The Kurdistan National Assembly clearly understands the significance of this long-awaited draft law", said the Speaker, after the first reading. "It is vital to the future of the Kurdistan Region that we have a modern, transparent, investor-friendly petroleum law that maximises returns to all the peoples of Iraq."