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President Barzani meets French foreign minister Kouchner

TUE, 21 AUG 2007 19:02 | KRG Cabinet

Baghdad, Iraq (KRG.org) – Masoud Barzani, President of the Kurdistan Region, yesterday in the Iraqi capital met Bernard Kouchner, France’s recently appointed foreign minister.

President Barzani welcomed Minister Kouchner as a long-time friend of the Kurdish and Iraqi people who had always spoken out against Saddam Hussein’s genocidal regime.

Mr Kouchner met President Barzani during a three-day fact-finding mission, the first visit by a French minister since the liberation of Iraq in 2003. France’s foreign ministry stated that Minister Kouchner was in Iraq to convey a messsage of France’s solidarity with the Iraqi people and to listen to the representatives of all the communities.

At a press conference the same day with Iraq’s President Jalal Talabani, Mr Kouchner said, "It is essential for France to listen to the Iraqis, to affirm that the solutions to their problems must be Iraqi, to listen to all the communities, to preserve the sovereignty, the integrity and democracy in Iraq.”

A French cultural centre has been active in Erbil for several years and the Kurdistan Regional Government has a long-established representative office in Paris. President Barzani looked forward to even closer ties with Paris and to France playing a greater role in Iraq in support of the democratically elected government.

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Barzani fears Turkish intervention in Iraq

TUE, 3 JUL 2007 15:45

Masoud Barzani the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Iraq has warned of a potential disaster if Turkey follows up on its plan for an invasion of Northern Iraq to remove members of the Kurdistan Workers Party from their mountain bases across the border. He spoke to EuroNews while attending a conference in Geneva, where the current volatile situation in the Middle East and Iraq was the main topic of conversation for the duration of the two-day meeting.

Kirkuk referendum needed soon, says Iraqi Kurdish leader

TUE, 8 MAY 2007 20:52

"Kurdistan has never been part of the problem, but we are trying to be part of the solution," said Masoud Barzani, President of the Autonomous Kurdish Government in Iraq to the Foreign Affairs Committee on Tuesday. Members of the European Parliament questioned him on minority rights, relations with Turkey and the referendum plans for the contested city of Kirkuk.

President Barzani: Kurdistan will always respect democratic rule

WED, 25 APR 2007 11:22

Rome - Continuing his visit to Italy, President Masoud Barzani met with Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister, Francesco Rutelli, on Saturday. Talks focused on the situation in Iraq and Kurdistan. Also on the agenda was the process of democratisation in the region. Rutelli stressed the need for more cooperation between the world’s democracies.

President Barzani attends democrats conference in Rome

MON, 23 APR 2007 18:03

President Masoud Barzani attended a democrats (Margherita Party) conference in Rome on Friday. The president and his delegation were welcomed by Italy’s deputy foreign minister, Franco Danieli. At the start of the conference, President Masoud Barzani was praised for his long struggle for freedom and fight against terrorism.

President Masoud Barzani: Failure to implement Article 140 could spell disaster

TUE, 17 APR 2007 12:56

A conference focusing on the forces of democracy in Iraq was held in Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan, on Tuesday. At the conference, President Masoud Barzani gave a speech in which he stressed that democracy is Kurdistan’s main concern. The Kurds are renown for their tolerance, ability to co-exist with others, and acceptance of other points of view. The Kurds have always respected human rights, in particular women’s issues.

Pope Meets with President of Kurdistan Region Masoud Barzani

TUE, 15 NOV 2005 00:54

Transcript of remarks by President Bush and President Barzani of Kurdistan Region

TUE, 25 OCT 2005 22:58

PRESIDENT BUSH: It's my honor to welcome President Barzani of the Kurdistan regional government of Iraq to the Oval Office. He's a man of courage; he's a man who has stood up to a tyrant.

Transcript of Mr. Masoud Barzani's speech

WED, 15 JUN 2005 01:59

Delivered at his inaugural ceremony as President of the Kurdistan Region in the Kurdistan National Assembly, Erbil, Kurdistan-Iraq on 14 June 2005