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Kamaran Ahmed Abdullah - Minister of Housing and Reconstruction

TUE, 10 NOV 2009 10:26 | KRG Cabinet

Mr Kamaran Ahmed Abdullah was appointed Minister for Housing and Reconstruction in the sixth KRG cabinet in October 2009, following the July 2009 Kurdistan Region parliamentary elections. He was reappointed in the seventh cabinet, on 5 April 2012.

Mr Abdullah's previous position was Director of Suleimaniah International Airport, with the rank of Deputy Minister. Born in Suleimaniah in 1957, he gained a degree in Civil Engineering from Suleimaniah University in 1981. From 1992 he worked in the Engineering and Consultancy Bureau, designing and supervising private sector projects, and in 1999 he became Project Manager for the engineering section of the Kurdistan Save the Children Fund. He was appointed as the Adviser on the construction of the Suleimaniah International Airport in 2006. Mr Abdullah is a board member of the American University of Iraq - Suleimaniah (AUIS).